What we do

Fountain Seed Services Nigerian Limited (RC 1168603) was incorporated in 2014 to offer Health Safety Security and Environment (HSSE) trainings and consultancy services/contracting to clients. The core vision of the company is to expand the HSSE knowledge of people and create a more safe, secure and healthy world for all.

Our corporate HSSE trainings target school leavers, undergraduates, graduates, irrespective of their employment status. Our training packages are directed to people who dream to improve their overall HSSE worth not only to their employers but also to their households and communities.

Furthermore, the company strives to achieve its core vision by directly engaging members of the public through forums, seminars and public lecturers. We organize outreach programs to sensitize and improve the HSSE awareness of the mostly unreached in our society e.g. housewives, school teachers, artisans of all trades, commercial drivers, etc.

The company has a corps of volunteers spread across the country who helped to ensure that the basic HSSE knowledge reaches every household in a record time. In addition, the company is steadily increasing her national and international affiliations to help in rapidly cascading the various aspects of HSSE knowledge to the grassroots. The company mentors volunteers in different aspects of HSSE and assists them to attain specialization/certification in the area of their choice.

Corporate Vision and Mission

To expand the HSSE knowledge and skills of people and reach every organization and household To create harmonious world by improving and expanding the HSSE and skills of individuals across the globe

Our vision is to create a safer and healthier society by improving and expanding the Health, Safety, security and Environment knowledge and skills of people, households and communities.

Our Values

Fountain seed Services Nigeria Limited values were written to inspire honesty, hard work and intelligence - and so it is upon these foundations that we deliver our team, workplace and leadership culture.

Our three core business values are:

‘To know, to serve, to trust’ We value knowledge, and strive to be experts in everything that we do. We know our clients, their companies, our candidates and our business because in our business, it’s often the little details that count the most. We succeed through a spirit of excellent service, exceeding the core requirements of our industry. We are respectful, value our relationships, treat people well and aim to foster an environment of honesty and trust at all times.

‘Striving for perfection’ We are always seeking to improve and innovate. Our core focus is to delight our clients and candidates in everything we do, with flawless delivery and precision.

‘The simultaneous promotion of interests’ Fountain seed Services Nigeria Limited, we don't operate as an island - we strive to see the bigger picture, and as such, we take our social responsibility seriously. When we conduct our business, we look to how it can always benefit society as a whole.

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