Conflict Management

Every organization operates in an environment. There also exist various interest groups (stakeholders) who have varying interests in this environment. Stakeholder perceptions and interests are bound to conflict very many times; these create conflicts. People need to have requisite skills to identify, understand, forestall and manage these conflicts.

Target Group: Company Chief Executives (CEOs), Managing Directors Security Managers/Supervisors, Community liaison Officers, Personnel Managers/ Officers, Community leaders (CWC, Youth leaders, Women leaders, Elders, Opinion leaders, etc), Other Stakeholders. (Duration 3 days)

Course Outline
Definition and basic concepts
Conflict overview
Types/functions of conflict
Origin/Sources of conflict
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
Perceptions and conflicts
Conflict Analysis
Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution Techniques
Human Rights and Security
Crisis Management

Methodology: Lectures, Discussions, Conflict simulation.

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