Fire Safety

Fire is one of mans greatest discovery. Its use is so vast in industry; however, fire disasters inflict heavy losses in terms of human lives, property and information. Every worker needs basic knowledge and skill to prevent fires and abate it at their onset through the use of fire extinguishers.
Learning Objectives:
When you complete this Training, you should be able to:
Identify the three main elements necessary for a fire to occur
To know fire classifications
Discuss methods that can be used to prevent fires
Discuss household possessions that can cause & aid fires.
Know why it is necessary to select the correct class of fire extinguisher
Be able to use a fire extinguisher effectively
Administer first aid for burns
1. Chemistry of fires
2.Causes of fire
3. Good house keeping
4. Fire precautions
5.Types of fire extinguishers
6.Fire fighting (use of fire extinguishers)
7. Fire plan
8. Home fires
9. Office fires
10. Motor vehicle fires
11. Communication.
12. Hot work Hazards
13. Burns
14. First aid for burns

Discussions, films, practical fire fighting exercise.
Duration: 2days.

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