Managing HSSE in Contracts

This course is crafted to bridge the gap for many organizations that win contracts, but do not know how to get about executing them to satisfy the HSSE issues in the contracts. HSSE issues as contained and perceived by awarding companies will be explained to aid participant understanding.

Target Group: HSE coordinators, Site Supervisors/ Contractor Site Representatives, Project managers/Coordinators, HSE and aSafety Officers, Security supervisors, Company Community Liaison Officers, Company Chief Executives Officers, company Accountants, Personnel Officers, Company Legal Officers, Contract Managers, HSSE Managers, and HSSE Advisers.

Course Outline:

  • Over view of EMS, HSE-MS/ HSE CASES
  • Contractor HSSE Management
  • Contract Management Roles and Responsibilities
  • Guidelines for preparation of HSSE-MS/ CASES
  • Understnding SPDC requirements for HSSE in contracts (CPP/CMG)
  • Criteria in setting up Contracts
  • Making HSSE Plans
  • HSSE Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • HSSE Compliance
  • HSSE Auditing
  • HSE provisions for Low HSE risk contracts
  • HSE provisions for Medium and High HSE risk contracts

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